Mechanics of Movement. My Why.

Five years ago I was done with Physiotherapy. At the time I’d been a physio in private clinics for seven years and needed a fresh start. I was tired of seeing the same patients come back and offering in-rooms, hands-on therapy that helped for a few hours, only for them to continually return with the same issues.

At that time five years ago I moved back to Geelong to create the vision I’d held for a long time; open a rehab gym that delivered active and preventative Physiotherapy to create long term change. After enthusiastically opening a rehab gym in Ocean Grove, it slowly unfortunately transitioned back to the old in-rooms physio model; I decided I couldn’t continue.

I then travelled all around Australia searching for that ‘right job’ that would let me combine my love of movement, preventative health and gym rehab, without the pressure of having to deliver pain relief with hands-on therapy. I ended up working with the Australian Defence Force, school of infantry and Air Force and enjoyed my time there, but still held that same vision.

I again returned to Geelong at the start of 2020 - ready to have another crack at the dream. As covid hit I was about to lease a space, and I pulled back, waiting it out…for another year.

In June 2021 I finally made the plunge again - starting my physio rehab gym that I’d imagined in my head 5 years earlier. I had a vision of creating a space that moved out of the treatment room and into the gym, that offered exercise and lifestyle advice over manual therapy and dry needling.

It took me 12 years of trial and error as a physio to find my approach and 5 years of waiting after the first business didn’t work out. If there’s one thing I’m proud of with Mechanics - it’s the resilience to stick to a dream when you know it’s deep down what you want to be doing, and hopefully what the world needs.